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The Harrow Inn

Privacy & Cookie Policy

We consider your privacy and personal data to be the most important possession you hold. We take the way we process, handle and manage your data incredibly seriously.

Who are we?

We are The Harrow Inn, a small pub based on the ridge in Hastings. We operate the website www.theharrowinnhastings.co.uk

How to contact us

There are many ways to get in touch with us, but the most common are

Address: 828 The Ridge, Hastings, TN37 7PX
Email: enquiries@theharrowinnhastings.co.uk
Phone: 01424 756893

Of courseyou can also use the contact us form on the contact page

What personal data do we collect?

We collect only the personal data required to carry out our business, in order to be as transparent as possible below we have included a list of what we collect, when we collect it and how.

  • Contact Form
    We have a contact form on the ‘Contact’ page, when you fill this form in it obviously sends us the personal details that you fill in. We will only ever use these details to contact you back in regards to your message.
  • Google Analytics
    We use the ever popular google analytics to produce usage statistics on the site, this enables us to learn how many visitors we have, what pages they visit and how long a user stays on each page. Whilst we don’t aggregate this data with your name or other details it is potentially personally identifableinformation hence why we feel its important to list it here.
  • CookieBot
    We use CookieBot to alert all potential users of the cookies our site uses, but this also means CookieBot remembers your selection too. 
  • 20i 
    All of our domain services are held and managed by the 20i network, the data is kept within the UK on encrypted, secured systems.
  • Third Parties
    We occasionally use third parties for certain activities which can sometimes result in your personal data being passed over. Whenever we use a third party we ensure that your personal data is never used for anything other than our original purpose, that it is kept safe and secure and that the company has the relevant data protection policies in place.

How do we store this data 

All the data we collect is stored with the EU on a cloud server network located in the UK. The systems used are kept up to date with all software and security patches applied once approved. We also run SSL certificates on the website to ensure personal data being transferred (e.g. when submitting a contact form) is secured and safe.

What are your rights?

As a data processor, we have a set of rules that we adhere to ensure your rights are upheld. You will always have the right to your personal data to be disclosed to you, removed from our system and edited when incorrect.

If you have any questions, requests or complaints please get in touch.

What else do you need to know?

You may find links to external sites, if you do please remember this privacy policy only covers the adasa.co.uk domain.

We do not purposely or knowingly collect data of children under 13 years old, if you know of any minors data being collected by us please let us know immediately so we can remove it.

We do not collect what would be referred to as sensitive personal information, this would include race, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious beliefs etc. The personal data we do collect is the minimum required to carry out our tasks.

Privacy Policy updates

We strongly believe that your personal data is of paramount importance and thus from time to time we may wish to make changes to this policy. Changes may be to reflect a change in third-party service, adding additional rights or changing contact details. We will always ensure the policy date is kept current so it is easy to see when any changes were made.